Talent Management

People are the biggest driver of success in effective and high-performing organisations. Getting the right people demands attracting, developing and retaining high potential talent.

Working strategically with our clients, we develop and implement a practical and structured process for attracting, identifying and developing high potential candidates. Our proven system for tracking, gauging and managing an organisation’s talent creates an effective organisation that engages employees and increases overall business performance.

Recognise talent by identifying potential

The first step in building an engaged, high performing organisation is getting your brand message right to ensure you attract the most talented and relevant applicants. Our four-part process creates a practical system to find and get the best from candidates:

  1. Address your employer brand to attract the talent you need: are you reading through too many applications without filling positions because the right candidates aren’t appearing? We work with organisations to develop the employer brand message to attract candidates with the best fit and highest potential to succeed.
  2. Identify what you’re looking for to better select for potential: do you have clarity on who the best candidates are and why? We formalise and embed the processes for identifying potential and the methods of choosing the candidates that will thrive within your culture.
  3. Clarify leadership succession to nurture the next generation of leaders: do you know who your future leaders are and have you created a plan for succession? We provide support for transitioning leaders to develop and move up the leadership chain; this includes designing and implementing a structured process for identifying and nurturing high-potential candidates throughout the organisation.
  4. Plan for progress by tracking talent development: is your talent management strategy providing the performance it should? We design and implement formal systems that audit, measure and track talent potential and progress.

Inspiring people to turn potential into high performance

Most people are unaware of their latent talent and potential, opting to ‘get by’ rather than focus on targeted performance improvement. Personal development should make a real difference in people’s effectiveness, fulfilment and wellbeing.

We offer performance management and development workshops and programmes that deliver effective techniques and skills that improve performance under pressure and bring out the very best in individuals and groups.

  • Performance management coaching and workshops: we offer appraisal skills coaching and workshops to help understand and manage performance; as an accredited HeartMath practitioner, we deliver effective techniques that produce clearer thinking under pressure.
  • Management and leadership development programmes: through personalised management development coaching and customised group programmes, we focus on specific skills and behaviours to develop potential and improve performance across the organisation. We help leaders in the business to inspire and motivate their teams to deliver the highest levels of performance.

Take your talent to the next level. Contact the Leadership People to talk about how we can help your people perform.