Performance Culture

An organisation’s culture can either restrict or encourage leadership effectiveness. It directly affects whether or not leadership can actually prosper and make a positive impact on business performance.

We design culture change programmes for organisations in a measured and practical way in order to build a culture supportive of leadership. This involves careful assessment of the current culture against a set of specific factors that are characteristic of high performing organisations in which leadership is a key factor in their success. This behavioural analysis feeds into the programmes for culture change that we develop and deliver.

Identifying restraints to improve leadership effectiveness

There are many areas where ‘cultural habits’ actually restrain leadership effectiveness. We begin by diagnosing and uncovering those barriers and restraints that may be preventing a leadership culture to exist within the business.

Building the programme for positive outcomes

There is no ‘one-programme-fits-all’ for building a leadership culture. That’s why we focus on assessing and identifying patterns of behaviour within the current culture. This helps us to define and qualify the exact set of specific positive behaviours that will enhance, rather than hinder, the organisation’s leadership capabilities.

These positive behaviours are closely aligned with corporate values and the overall business strategy to build the kind of culture that will embrace and deliver on this strategy. Embedding these behaviours in the organisation requires a comprehensive culture change programme and we work closely our clients to deliver the right programme to the right people.

We are particularly experienced in effecting positive culture change during mergers and takeovers.

Measuring progress to ensure success

Of course, the only way to know whether the desired culture change is occurring is to measure it. We make measurement part of our process to ensure that the programmes we develop are delivering the right progress in the right areas.

Our process is interactive and provides reinforcing feedback to clearly demonstrate the positive effects of the new behaviours throughout the organisation.

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