Leadership Development

Effective leadership is crucial in today’s business climate and organisations simply cannot leave the development of their leaders to chance.

We work directly with leadership teams and the leaders of both today and tomorrow to improve and encourage them to grow and flourish in a planned and structured way. To do this, we use a formalised system that identifies areas of improvement, develops effective personal change and reassesses performance to ensure leaders are reaching their full potential.

Step 1. Assessing leadership to improve performance

The first step in our approach to developing outstanding leaders is to understand where opportunities for improvement exist with leadership performance. Using a formal assessment system that includes tools such as 360º profiling, psychometric analysis and a thorough investigation of organisational context, we uncover the personality traits, motivational drivers, preferences and energy profiles that underlie existing leadership performance and potential.

Step 2. Developing the optimum programme for personal effectiveness

Building on the results of our leadership development assessments, we work closely with leaders to develop their personal effectiveness. Because effective leaders drive effective organisations, our leadership development focuses on producing the ideal, authentic, leadership behaviours that align with personal style, corporate values and the organisation’s objectives.

Step 3. Working together to deliver tangible results

With a plan in place, we begin working closely with each individual to create immediate results. Our highly experienced, qualified and confidential leadership coaches provide supportive and effective personal executive coaching, transition coaching and leadership guidance to help candidates reflect upon and improve their leadership capabilities.

We are particularly experienced with producing effective leadership performance during mergers or transitions into new roles. As well, we often work with newly appointed executives seeking to implement new strategies within their organisations to create change and improve performance.

Step 4. Measuring performance improvements to ensure success

In order to quantify and ensure the leadership candidates we work with are reaching and maintaining their goals, our leadership development programme concludes with a formal reassessment of leadership performance.

This iterative process provides effective and reinforcing feedback to the candidates on the positive effects of their performance improvements.

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