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Research has demonstrated that better leaders make better businesses. By improving the effectiveness of leadership, organisations benefit from more engaged and satisfied employees, which, in turn, improves business performance.

Leadership Quality

Improving performance through more effective leadership

Quality of leadership can make or break any organisation. Companies with high quality leaders outperform their competitors on indicators such as financial performance, product quality, employee engagement and customer satisfaction. The key drivers of leadership quality are:

  • Leadership development
  • Talent management
  • Performance culture

We are people-focused and results oriented so that our interactive and proven programmes are designed to deliver measurable improvements in these key areas.

By working on the skills of leadership, correctly nurturing talent and potential and building a true performance culture, we can help our clients increase organisational effectiveness and, as a result, improve their business performance.

  • What makes us different

    We have great expertise and experience throughout our team but we don’t think that’s enough on its own. What makes us different is:

    • Our dedication to building long-term relationships with our clients
    • Our rigorous and unwavering focus on developing genuinely customised solutions
    • Our commitment to delivering sustainable improvements in performance for our clients

    Measurement is essential so we define what success looks like by making quantifiable, client results the primary goal. Outcomes can then be assessed to ensure the client’s objectives are met.

  • Who we can help

    • We can help current leaders fulfil their potential and improve their effectiveness
    • We can help new in-post leaders transition into their new roles so they lay the proper foundations for their future success
    • We can help team leaders develop their teams into high-performance units
    • We can help organisations put in place development programmes that ensure tomorrow’s leaders are identified and equipped to succeed
    • We can help organisations build a supportive performance culture
  • Why our programmes work

    The foundation for our success is that we invest time to understand in-depth the client’s situation and requirements. We then apply our expertise to develop programmes that will make a difference because they are genuinely customised to the individual, the team or the organisation.

    Finally, we execute with excellence by:

    • making our programmes practical, engaging and action-orientated
    • completing interim assessments to ensure projects stay on track
    • including interventions to sustain improvements on an ongoing basis

Is it worth it?

Research has shown there are significant returns from investment in leadership development:

  • An average increase of 5.2% in employee productivity
  • Increased sales of 6.5%
  • An increase in profit margins of up to 47%
  • A notable decrease in employee turnover

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Some recent experience

At TLP, we’ve got a wide range of experience across many commercial and industrial sectors. We work successfully with many different types of companies and institutions from global consumer goods corporations to medium-sized engineering enterprises to professional bodies and business schools. We’ve highlighted below some of our more recent experience as examples.

Who we've worked with